Wet winter recorded in adelaide for first time since 2013 – ABC7

Wet winter recorded in adelaide for first time since 2013 – ABC7


The first recorded snow in Adelaide in 11 years is putting even the most hardened outdoorsman on edge.

Rain fell in the area as heavy downpours struck on Tuesday morning in the wake of the winter storm that hit Adelaide at the weekend.

It also coincided with a cold front coming from the north.

The Environment Protection Agency said around 60,000 people were without power in Adelaide from 3 p.m. today ujarvees.comntil midday, and around 22,000 were without power in the south and east, a far cry from the early morning numbers that saw power cut and some water supply cut.

“There were areas of severe power loss that was in full swing,” an EPA spokesman said.

“But we did get about five people in hospital from the heavy loss of power and it’s certainly 바카라just not what people expected for a weekend.”

A high temperature was expected at 6 a.m. with temperatures at about 30 degrees and wind gusts up to 15 kilometres per hour.

The EPA warned areas in the north of Adelaide had reached critical situation, with more than one in 10 homes and businesses without power.

“It definitely wasn’t what you’d expect for a weekend, but that’s an extreme situation and that’s what we are trying to monitor,” one person quoted by ABC7 news said.

The state government said the weather would start to return on Monday, but there were still concerns about the effect the cold front was having on crops, especially wheat, which is critical to the livelihoods of farmers in the eastern parts of the state.

A spokeswoman for Mr Hunt said there would be no impact on the federal campaign, which kicked off about two days ago.

“We haven’t got much ice but we’ve got to make sure we get더킹카지노 enough crops,” she said.

“It’s not really good news but the weather is what it is.

“We’re dealing with one storm and we’ve got to manage it.”

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