Tougher water restrictions expected across BC, after government fails to meet environmental demands

Tougher water restrictions expected across BC, after government fails to meet environmental demands

March 21: Government approves new environmental controls over tanker vehicles, says only 15 will be operating in coastal waters

March 21: The company says the regulations “should not result in tanker-type boats competing with recreational fishing vessels, as the government is attempting to achieve.”

March 22: Kinder Morgan says it is also considering changes to its pipeline plan after environmental groups say the project’s environmental impact analysis is faulty.

March 22: The environmental group WildEarth Guardians calls on the government to change the legislation so it doesn’t leave the ability of foreign companies to build dams across BC.

March 22: The Ministry of the Enviro바카라사이트nment calls to have Kinder Morgan’s proposal for a $14.7 billion, 12.5-kilometre pipeline built from Prince Rupert to Nanaimo — a process that would take 20 years.

March 22: The government issues written response to the environmental group claiming all of the environmental questions raised by the group have been addressed “with the benefit of all perspectives.”

March 22: Environmental groups protest Kinder Morgan’s proposed pipeline by building a large, eight-metre high tree on the property.

March 22: TransCanada says its project is in line with the company’s environmental commitment.

March 23: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers says a pipeline proposed by Kinder Morgan would create 10 times more noise than comparable lines proposed for other pipelines in B.C.

March 24: Kinder Morgan’s B.C. subsidiary, Suncor Energy, says the $8.5-billion Trans Mountain pipeline will not significantly alter wildlife habitat on the reserve, “and the environmental impacts would be minimal.”

March 24: Kinder Morgan says environmental regulations for its Trans Mountain pipeline have been reviewed and approved by the provincial environment ministry and B.C.’s ministry of environment and sustainable resources.

March 25: Kinder Morgan says it has worked closely with B.C.’s government and h더킹카지노as “a plan to meet our legal, regulatory and technical obligations for any pipeline or road construction that would traverse our reserve waters or that would cross our territorial waters.”

March 26: The Environmental Assessment Agency is in the midst of reviewing Trans Mountain for approval, saying the environmental assessments were done without any public involvement. A statement released by the department says it is “currently reviewing Kinder Morgan’s application.”

March 29: The B.C. Green Party says a number of its members, including WildEart